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Nouns are an experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities. While projects such as Cryptopunks have attempted to bootstrap digital community and identity, Nouns attempt to bootstrap identity, community, governance and a treasury that can be used by the community.

What is Noun's?
Noun's is a generative non-fungible token project on the Ethereum blockchain. Noun's are 32x32 pixel characters based on people, places, and things. One noun is generated every day. Here are some examples of nouns:Noun Auctions
One noun is auctioned every 24 hours, forever. One interface for participating in noun auctions is, which is a website built and maintained by the project founders ('Nounders'):In the auction above, Noun 8, which is the 9th Noun (Noun IDs start at 0) is for sale. The current bid is 88.88 ETH (Ether), and there are 2 hours, 21 minutes, and 50 seconds remaining in the auction. If this auction ends with no further bids, 88.88 ETH from xaix.eth ($286,824 USD as of this writing) will be automatically and trustlessly sent to the Nouns DAO Treasury and xaix.eth will win this Noun, which means that the ERC-721 token will be transferred to their and enjoy the game ..


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