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Things? It is a Defi dApp, which is a decentralized investment application that allows you to make a profit using your own currency or token, called ₤ LIRE. Here is the basic information for using the platform: 1. First you need to have $ BUSD (Binance USD). 2. Now it is necessary to indicate in the approval, the maximum expense amount of $ BUSD that can be deposited according to your needs. 3. Upon approval, the actual $ BUSD deposit can be made. 4. Once the deposit has been confirmed, it will be possible to verify the production (minting) of ₤ LIRE according to this calculation: 1000% daily of the amount of $ BUSD deposited will be transformed into ₤ LIRE indefinitely! EXAMPLE: Depositing 100 $ BUSD (Binance USD) will produce 1000 ₤ LIRE per day. It is possible to produce ₤ LIRE with another ₤ LIRE but this time without the need for approval, according to the following calculation: 1% daily of the amount of ₤ LIRE deposited will in turn generate another ₤ LIRE for free. 5. Once the ₤ LIRE have been produced, it will be possible to claim them at any time. 6. You are now undermining your ₤ LIRE infinitely. 7.You can sell your ₤ LIRE at any time, for $ BUSD at the current price through our internal swap. Decide the quantity to sell, confirm the transaction ... and the $ BUSD payment will arrive directly on your wallet at the address from which the ₤ LIRE were sent. not only gives you the opportunity to earn through MINTING and STAKING but offers a very generous Referral System, that is: earn by inviting other users through your Referral Link.

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