We are OctoHedz Reloaded. This is only phase 1 of the invasion where 888 Octos made it to Earth Hemisphere and entered the Blockchain. Each OctoHedz NFT is a unique ERC721 token, representing the future of the invasion. Phase 2 Launching in October : 8000.

The OctoHedz invasion began as an Ethereum ERC-721 NFT collection of 888 pieces, and was founded by doxxed artist/engineer duo Mos and Da who have set out on a mission to build the best NFTs you will ever own.

The initial project has expanded over time to include multiple, distinct collections that are all linked together within the OctoVerse. The OctoVerse has grown to include an official partnership with The Sandbox and acceptance into their exclusive Game Makers Fund, IRL assets like the Inflatable Island theme park, and philanthropic endeavors like their OctoHedz Underwater Museum coral conservation project in the Philippines.

You wont find OctoHedz paying influencers or giving away NFTs in exchange for promotion. With so many NFT projects over-promising and eventually fizzling out, the OctoHedz “build and they will come” mentality has never slowed down. The OctoHedz track record of delivering promises on-schedule is unwavering and sure looks like Mos and Da are on track to make good on their mission.

OctoHedz Reloaded Come get to know us. Below are summaries of the essential OctoHedz components to become familiar with. Remember to come swing by the Discord for real-time answers to your questions. The OctoHedz Reloaded Discord is a well moderated server full of helpful people, with Mos (OctoMos), Da (OctoQueenz), Octopian Council, and mods always available to help.

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