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What is Olive.Cash?
What makes Olive.Cash different from every other “farm”?

We’re a team of experienced developers who really enjoy the DeFi movement and are willing to dedicate your time to take this project to the next level. We guess you are sick of rug pulls, we are too!

Our Roadmap: ✅ 1st April 2021 — Launch of with huge APY for Pairs and Single tokens. ✅ CoinMarketCap listing — Request sent. Waiting for review. ✅ CoinGecko listing — Request sent. Waiting for review. ✅ BSCscan listing — Request sent. Waiting for review. ✅ 2nd April 2021 — Avalanche farm launch with few initial pools. 🟨 4th April 2021 — Avalanche Swap and Farm launch. 🟨 April 2021 — AVALANCHE <-> BSC Bridge for Olive tokens.

🟨 April 2021 — Build self hosted exchange and provide you new LP tokens with Olives. Сonclude partnership agreements with other projects. 🟨 May 2021 — stakeholders negotiations and preparations of Olive vault launch at BIFI platform. We are sure that everyone knows and loves beefy. 🟨 June 2021 — NFT marketplace where people can buy and sell NFTs using Olive tokens.

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