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What is OpenLeverage?
OpenLeverage is permissionless lending and margin trading protocol with aggregated DEX liquidity, enabling retail and institutional clients to long or short any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely. It means anyone can create lending pools to support margin trading for specific token pairs along with liquidity pools created on the DEX. It uses real-time price AMM to calculate risk, provides risk isolated pools, and introduces OnDemand Oracle which updates and refers to TWAP to protect the system from price manipulation. It aims to serve as an important component for leverage trading in a decentralized environment.

OpenLeverage launched the Ethereum mainnet on 20 Dec 2021, the BNB chain mainnet on 22 Feb 2022, and the Kucoin Community Chain mainnet on 12 Apr 2022. Important milestones include crossing $660 million in trading volume and $12 million in TVL. It will be deployed to more EVM-compatible chains and Ethereum Layer-2, connecting to top DEXs, to support lending and margin trading for hundreds if not thousands of pairs natively traded on DEXs.

OpenLeverage is incubated and invested by Binance Labs. It was also admitted into Creative Destruction Lab, advised by Mike Bucella from BlockTower, Josh Felker from Nascent, and Ash Fontana from Zatta Ventures. Other investors include Capital, Unanimous Capital, Signum Capital, Richard Ma from Quantstamp, LD Capital, Gate Labs, FBG Capital, Continue Capital, YBB Foundation, MDEX, AKG Ventures, Mr. Block, Kangaroo Capital, Kirin Funds, DCI Capital, ICO Analytics, GTA Ventures, ChainVC, CryptoRank, and 10+ community-based funds.

In the past months, OpenLeverage has grown our social community to 100k+ on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. OpenLeverage participated in the KCC Unicorn Contest and ranked second place.

OpenLeverage has received security audits from PeckShield, Code4Rena and CertiK.

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