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What is OpenOcean?
OpenOcean is the entrance for one-stop spot and derivative trading on DEXes and CEXes.
OpenOcean finds the best price and lowest slippage for traders on aggregated DEXes and CEXes by applying a deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm.
OpenOcean also provides users with APIs and a tailor-made user interface to support their specific investment strategy.
Spot and derivative trading with the best price and lowest slippage that is possible in the market.
Swap transactions and cross-chain swap transactions ( ETH , BSC , ONT, TRON, SOLANA, and more)
Arbitrage between DEXes and CEXes.
Intelligent routing and machine learning to offer best rates and lowest possible gas fees
Applies an optimizing algorithm based on Dijkstra and D-star to get the initial best route. Additionally it constantly optimizes the routes based on machine learning using platform data.

Offers the best price to users by comparing the prices on aggregated DEXes with the best price on CEXes.

Protects user interests by real-time subsidizing slippage losses with OOE tokens.

Utilizes transparent pricing mechanism without charging additional protocol transaction fees.

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