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Orange is committed to building a one-stop NFT game platform, achieving ecological diversification through the combination of DeFi+NFT+GameFi.

ORG is Orange's governance token, with a total circulation of 20 million. Players obtain ORG tokens through planting, growing, and fighting in Orange Paradise. Holding ORG can also get staking income.

Orange'  Paradise, an NFT development battle game, is an ecological game carefully planned and originally developed by the Orange's  team after six months. It can help ecological development, enrich and expand NFT application scenarios and value. Orange's  Paradise endows the game with financial attributes, beyond the value of the game itself.

The NFT of the Guardian of Orange's  Paradise is the value of this game. The fruits planted by the player, the fish caught, the upgraded equipment, and the hatched elves can all enhance the guardian's combat power, allowing the guardian to fight, as well as PVE and PVP battles. System and NFT battle mining to obtain greater benefits. In addition to setting basic gameplay and extended skills around the guardian, players can get rewards through game leaderboards, FOMO prize pools, flying elves, challenge world BOSS and other prize pools and games.

Orange Paradise also provides assistance to create and join guilds, so that the guild can gain more income, thereby increasing game activity, maintaining game order, and promoting the ecological development of Orange Paradise. Orange Paradise will increasingly become the top priority of the entire ecology.

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