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What is OVAL Protocol?
To provide a low enough threshold for ordinary users to participate easily regardless of the amount of capital and save the high cost of the Ethernet GAS, so initially we chose the BSC network, and the technical members of the team spent a lot of time researching the Layer2 mechanism and finally completed the exploration of the order mechanism on the BSC network.

We created a millisecond-level order market through the off-chain and on-chain aggregation mechanism on the BSC network to meet the demand for timely aggregation of the lowest slippage at market price. As a decentralized derivatives exchange, liquidity is deservedly the most important. We have interfaced with a very large number of the cryptocurrency industry's preeminent API market makers to provide liquidity support as good as any exchange. Of course, the order book model is the superior trading model, so we will also support order book and limit order functions to meet the best trading experience for both traditional financial and general users.

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