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What is Overlord.World?
Overlord.World - The First NFT-Integrated RPG on Mobile

With the explosion of the NFT trend and its impact on the game market, a series of NFT-integrated game projects were born, but most of them were simple games and web-based games.It is very tough to approach players without mobile versions. Overlord is confident to be the first mobile RPG game that has successfully integrated NFT, with just a mobile phone with internet connection, players will be able to experience it without any concern. Demo version is ready and the official version will be released as soon as possible. Let's join and accompany with us.In the early days of the earth, the rise of ethnic groups led to devastating wars. The earth is divided into many territories with the leadership of outstanding kings. Everyone wants to break the balance and annex the remaining lands. When the power of humans was gradually exhausted, the kings turned to ancient help by recruiting summoned beasts to accompany them in the survival battles. From time to time, these kings considered the companion Pet as a symbol of victory every time they went to battle.To transform into kings and participate in the war for power, players must own at least ONE companion (PET) - This is a mandatory requirement. You can own PET through opening chests or buy directly on the LORD marketplace. There is no limit to the number of pets that each player can own. Overlord will be released on multiple platforms in the near future. It means that players can play anywhere, anytime.

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