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Question (Q): When will I get the refund from my rental cancellations?Answer (A): You will get the refund after the remaining time of your rental contract expires (i.e. once the card goes back to its owner).
Q: Can I change rental price without cancelling rentals?A: No, this is not yet possible. Because of how the rental protocol currently is, you would have to cancel the rental first, then relist the card with your adjusted rental price.
Q: Will I be able to renew my rental with DEC if I started renting with CREDITS?A: No. With the current protocol, you have to renew your rental with the similar currency that you initially rented with.

Auto Rentals
Q: How can I cancel or pause multiple bids at once?A: Go to your PeakMonsters Profile -> Rentals -> Pause or Trash can icon -> CONFIRM.
Q: Can we change the number of days that a card is rented for us in Auto Rentals?A: No, it is currently fixed at two days. However, you can easily lower the duration for your already rented cards by cancelling it in the My Cards tab. This way, you will only be renting the card for 1 day instead of 2 days.
Q: Why is my auto rental bid not getting filled even if there is an available card that meets my criteria?A: Currently, the Auto Rentals system grabs the card faster for the newly listed ones compared to re-listings and cards that are already in the market. Another possible reason is that the market feed is delayed, and the ones that you are seeing are not really available anymore.
Q: Auto Rental Collection Power bid stopped below my set Minimum Collection Power. How do I fix this?A: Normally this happens when the system is having a hard time looking for cards that match the criteria that you set in CP bidding. You can either edit your criteria and make it more lenient or just wait for the system to finish renting cards for you.
Q: If I am the highest auto rental bid for a specific card, and someone lists that card for a lower price. Will I be able to rent it at the lower price or with the price that I placed a bid for?A: You will be able to rent the card based on the owner's listing price.

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