Pirate Wars is a crypto NFT game that focuses on the best user pirate theme experience. Players will have the opportunity to hire their own pirate crew and fight sea monsters to earn loots.

Ths game has been built by the community for the community, your voices are heard! PirateWars
Pirate Wars is a Autobattler-based RPG game that includes a real-time battling system for PvE & PvP. Players can hire their own pirates, craft their own weapons and fight against A.I. or real players.
Our goal is not only to create just a game. We want to create something stable that will survive for the long run, while players are actually enjoying and earning at the same time!
We aim to build an entire Pirate-verse, where people will have the option to buy their own lands but also build them, upgrade and even expand them.
For the competitive players, we will host tournaments, guild wars, PvP leaderboard and many more things!
For PvE players, we got you covered! Fight in raids, invasions from sea creatures but also pirates.
Grind, earn, and enjoy, Pirate!Our mission is simple. We aim to create a sustainable game that will last for a very long time. With the help of the blockchain and the expansion in the game industry, we made our mission to create an engaging but also competitive game that will reward our players. We want to provide a great experience to everyone but also rewarding by having an actual valuable token and also NFT's that users can actively use and have a real purpose when they come to life.

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