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What is PiratesKing?
PiratesKing is a pirate world simulation game on Blockchain platform. Players can collect NFT, fight with monsters to be rewarded. PiratesKing provides players with various characters, monsters and upgraded items while playing.

The goal of Pirates King is to bring values to NFT owners in the game, not only by fighting and receiving daily rewards but also by participating in community contests along with increasing the value of the NFT as a virtual asset.PiratesKing is a pirate world NFT Game with Oracle based, Chainlink VRF integrated. Reward in $BUSD or $PKT

Game Story
The Abyssal Ocean is the 8th ocean discovered by humans. There have been many strange disappearances here when ships entered without returning. Legend has it that, on the day that the horizon shoots up with golden sparks, the legendary Charybdis gate leading to the Forgotten Realms will appear. Rumors about the existence of a great sea containing huge treasures and mythical powers arouse curiosity in everyone, especially pirates. People have given this mysterious place the name - Sea of Greed. Whoever can come back alive from Forgotten Realms will become the Supreme King of the 8 Oceans.
Right now, Charybdis Gate has opened, welcoming all the bravest into the treacherous and dangerous journey!
“Today, you are just an ordinary person in the pirate world. No one cares about your life or mentions your reputation. But remember that: Only the weak accept being anonymous, the strong make their history!”
PiratesKing is a game that takes players on a dangerous and exciting journey to conquer the throne of the Pirate King in a World of 8 Oceans. This game is set in the fictional world of the 8th ocean - The Abyssal Ocean, which exists the mysterious Forgotten Realms in the legend.
Players will transform into diverse characters to battle monsters and search for hidden legendary treasures.
PiratesKing will take you from an anonymous to become a legendary pirate king, as long as you are ready!

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