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What is Pixel Fairy?

The initial value is set at 0.1 BNB but can be raised to a higher value once the TVL gets higher and whales start to surface. This is to give new joiners ability to compete in the platform.

WITHDRAWAL SCHEDULE Any member is allowed to withdraw every seven days from the day other deposit. If the member tops up on their account or (deposits again), that day will become the new reference of the 7 days count for the withdrawal date.

WITHDRAWABLE AMOUNT On each withdrawal, 50% of dividends will be deducted automatically and will remain in the contract and 50% of dividends transfer to the user’s wallet.


Level 1: 15% Level 2: 10% Level 3: 5% Level 4: 3% Level 5: 2%

The contract pays an 8% referral commission over 3 levels Referral should be an active user; it means the referral address has at least one deposit. The referrer is specified once at the time of the first deposit and is assigned to the user without the possibility of changing. From each subsequent Deposit, the referrer will get his percentage

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