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pixEOS Paint FE is the newest platform released by pixEOS. Paint with your pixEOS tokens and create awesome art in the brand new canvas!Paint FE is a painting game dApp. It's based on the broader pixEOS platform. You will have to use pixEOS tokens in order to paint whatever it is that you might want. You will receive a canvas, and will be able to be as creative as you'd like. The dApp is located on the EOS blockchain.

pixEOS Paint FE dApp is a crypto asset from the Games category built on the EOS protocol. Now it’s ranked as #2109 in general dApp rankings according to the user count, and #487 in the Games category, which gives you a good idea of how pixEOS Paint FE dApp performs among its competitors.

By analyzing pix EOS Paint FE dApp data in the last 30-day window, it’s evident that the dApp’s Balance is $0.06, and the Volume is stable with $0.00. pix EOS Paint FE has generated 0 Transactions with a 0% change in the 30-day period. Clearly, the Volume has been steady by 0% in comparison to the previous 7-day period. The data of the last 7 days show that the pix EOS Paint FE user base is 0 & has been stable by 0%.

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