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What is Pixiesoccer?
Pixiesoccer is an educational GameFi project on the IoTeX blockchain. Its goal is to connect crypto, gaming and soccer fans from all over the world and to create a friendly community that helps new users onboard the crypto world.

For most people, ‘Play to earn’-games are their first contact with blockchain technology. It can be overwhelming for new users to find answers to their questions. That’s why we think Crypto-games have a great responsibility for their users.

We created Pixiesoccer to give new users a place to start a safe journey into the IoTeX/Crypto world. With our so-called ‘Learn to Earn’ model, we want to incentivise users to expand their knowledge about blockchain technology. This will help new users prevent mistakes we all went through when we were new to crypto. This project informs new users about the IoTeX blockchain and ecosystem.

Pixiesoccer is a world inhabited by Pixies. They are cute NFT collectibles that are released in themed collections every month. Users will be able to start their journey by buying a Pixiebox that contains one Pixie. With it you will be able to solve small quizzes, play mini-games and earn rewards. Our community is full of friendly people that are ready to help.
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