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Play, Mine and earn DIVS at Planet BOOM!

BOOM is a decentralized crypto-focused  SocialFi platform where users and NFT collectors can freely display their digital assets on the Boom app and also claim ownership of their unique digital collectibles. The BOOM app also offers creatives the chance to discover like minds, follow trends and help create a healthy crypto online community. Similarly, the BOOM app also offers users an opportunity to express their opinions on the timeline and the private spaces without censoring or restricting their free speech.

The highly anticipated BOOM NFT airdrop campaign is now live. BOOM says its NFT is a special ID card on planet Boom designed to unlock unlimited benefits for members of its ecosystem, including participation in a hierarchical governance system, access to juicy loyalty rewards & opportunities, Boom token airdrops, and more.

The Boom NFT airdrop campaign is centered around a very interesting concept:

At the end of 2021, a very big explosion occurred on a planet in the solar system, which led to the birth of a new planet called Boom. On this new planet, citizens work together to achieve their goals and build the ecosystem together. Characters on the planet like Whale, Influencer, Consumer, Creator, and Artists are essential for its development with each performing its assigned role.

Now, the Boom planet is issuing ID cards to its early inhabitants for easy identification and as a way of saying thank you to its diehard faithful.

BOOM NFTs are ERC-721 tokens that can be freely transferred and circulated just like other digital collectibles on the blockchain. The team says minting is done according to the “ranking of multi-dimensional active indexes of each Boomer, such as likes, comments, followers, channel subscribers, certified assets and more, within a specified period

BOOM NFTs come in three major categories: Planet Ambassador (reserved for 10 outstanding Boomers), Planet Minister (reserved for 90 Boomers), and Planet Counselor (reserved for 400 Boomers).

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