WORLDS BIGGEST COLLECTIBLES STRATEGY GAME - BUILD YOUR EMPIRE & EARN $TRX PlanetCrypto is the biggest crypto-collectible game yet - we've turned the entire global map into 20m square plots of land enabling you to buy anywhere on Earth! Buy up world famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Berlin Wall, Time Square... or buy you own home, office block or any part of your home town! The more you own the more your EMPIRE SCORE grows and the more you'll earn as the game also pays out $TRX to land holders - build up your Empire Score to top the leaderboard!

PlanetCrypto the Tron Blockchain game where you own virtual plots of land. We've split the entire map of Earth into 20m2 plots of land that you are able to own!

For every new plot of land purchased a massive 40% of the $TRX paid is distributed to all players in the game, based on their Empire Score + earn a daily bonus dividends from the bonus pot every day you are active!

When you purchase plots of land within the game they are securely mined to the Tron Blockchain and become a player game card - you become the owner of the card and it is transferred into your Tron Wallet.

The more land you own the higher your EMPIRE SCORE becomes - and the higher your EMPIRE SCORE - the more income you'll receive!

Using an Tron Wallet
To play PlanetCrypto you need a TRON/TRX Enabled Browser and to be connected to the Mainnet.

We recommnd using the TronLink Plugin for Google Chrome or for mobile we recommend TronWallet.

If you already are using a Tron browser or wallet please ensure you are logged into your account and using the Mainnet - then refresh this page.

Once your wallet PlanetCrypto is setup and you have some Tron - you're ready to play PlanetCrypto!

BUYING LAND in PlanetCrypto
The aim of round 1 is LAND GRAB - gather as much land as possible to increase your EMPIRE SCORE.

Buy land using the tools at the top of the screen - you can add up to 45 plots of land to each card... the more plots of land you add to a card the more valuable it becomes and the more EMPIRE SCORE points you will receive!

Once you buy land it will be added to your very own ERC-721 collectible card. This card records the details of the land you own - the plots (Latitude and Longitude), it's name and most importantly the EMPIRE SCORE. As soon as your new card has been mined to the blockchain it will show up on the "Your Cards" section at the bottom of the page on desktop or under the "Your Cards" tab on mobile.

Buying land triggers the land inflation - for every plot of land bought the future price of land increases - this is land inflation! Conversely - when land is destroyed, land prices start to drop back down (To a minimum price of course!).

Add Single Plot
Use this tool to start the Land Buying process - you can then click individually on any tile to add it to your new game card.

Remove Single Plot
If you wish to remove a plot of land from your current new game card - use this tool... you then click on each tile you wish to remove.

Empire Builder
This tool allows you to purchase Empire Boost packs which will rapidly increase your Empire Score! You must first own at least one property game card by buying some land.

Multi Add Plots
Use this tool to add multiple plots of land to a new game card... click once to start adding plots and then drag across the plots to add them to your game card. Click again to stop the process.

Clear All Plots
This tool clears all currently selected new plots from your new game card.

?Game Guide
Click this to bring up this game guide at any time.

Every card within the game has an EMPIRE SCORE... the starting point for the EMPIRE SCORE is simply:


If you buy a new card with 10 plots of land then it will start out with 1000 EMPIRE SCORE points - these will be added to your total score.

The cool thing about the EMPIRE SCORE is that the more you have - the more you earn!

Everytime a new card is bought a land tax is applied and this tax is split between all current players in the game ~ proportional to their EMPIRE SCORE! So the higher your score - the more income you'll recieve!

The game allows any one at anytime to buy any existing card - but for double the last purchase price! When this happens the previous owner loses control of the card but receives 80% of the new value (Making a profit!)... the remaining 20% goes into land tax (Distributed to all exising players) and the games marketing fund.

What is really worth while about a Hostile Take Over is that when complete the Cards EMPIRE SCORE increases by 150%! Taking the new owners score up but also reducing the previous owners EMPIRE SCORE by the old amount - a strategic game move to become the top player!

Every day that you're active in the game (Buy new land or another Players card through a Hostile Takeover) you become eligible for a TRX Bonus Divs!

The Daily Divs are awarded based on the amount of Empire Score you have earned within the last 24 hours of gameplay. The more you have earned - the higher your divs will be!

The bonus pot is built up from purchases made within the game - with 70% of the pot being distributed each day.... with the remaining 30% seeding the next days bonus. You can see how much time is remaining until the Daily Divs is awarded on the Divs tab... the Daily Divs tab will also show how much each player is going to earn.

Do you ever find a card you're not happy with? Don't want someone else too close to your property or think you can create a better card but part of the location has already been used?

Well the Destroy Card function will now let you destroy a game card and open up the location for new cards! Click on any card within the game to use the Destroy function.

What's better is that when you destory a card you will mine PlanetCOIN tokens equal to the cards size - instantly! This will allow you to rebuild a new card on the location or even add new property elsewhere.


The other effect of destorying land is it reverses the effect of land inflation by dropping the price of land based on the size of card!

But you must first own the card... so make use of the Hostile-Takeover feature to own the cards first.

PlanetCOINS are the currency of Planet Crypto - and can be used to purchase plots of land - 1 PlantCoin is worth 1 plot of land no matter how high the price of land goes!

1 x PlanetCOIN = 1 Plot of Land

To spend your PlanetCOINS please ensure that you have first unlocked them using the padlock icon at the top-left of the control panel:

PlanetCOINS are mined whenever you buy a new Card that contains at least 10 plots of land on it. For every 10 plots of land on a Card you'll receive 1 PlanetCoin sent directly to your Tron address.

Buy 10 Plots of Land = Earn 1 PlanetCOIN
(In 1 Transaction)

Every purchase you make in PlanetCrypto is split according to the 2 tables below... there are 2 types of purchases (At the moment...) a New Property Sale and a Hostile Take-over...

Contract Adrress


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