What is Platinum BUSD Miner?
Platinum is the next innovative DeFi release for the Binance Smart Chain that is designed to provide holders of $PLATINUM high passive $BUSD returns just by holding the token, in which the smart contract does all the work for them. Revolutionary reward feature including our Platin BUSD Miner.

Convenient Rewards: Every wallet that purchases $PLATINUM will automatically be rewarded with $BUSD, using our Auto-Reward-feature. These rewards can be calculated and tracked on our dApp.
The tokenomics of $PLATINUM: just by holding $PLATINUM in your Wallet, youll recieve $BUSD rewards, this $BUSD rewards can be used future to use our innovative BUSD Miner Protocol, to augment your $BUSD holdings.

The intention is for the $PLATINUM token to be the base for a future Platin ecosystem that offers a range of crypto products and services, all built from a strong foundation of consistently $BUSD rewards.

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