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What is Plato Farm?
Plato Farm is an NFT game which supports HRC721, HRC1155  and OEC1155 protocols. Players are tasked with growing plants and  raising livestock on a small farm to earn MARK and PLATO tokens  which can then be used with various NFT items to transform their  barren land into a bustling city. Players can also start their own  guilds and earn money while playing. PlatoFarm will support ERC-1155 on the basis of HRC-721, including NFT generation, NFT item trading and DApp interaction on the official website. The ERC-1155 protocol is expected to be ready by 10th. NovemberThe ERC-1155 protocol supports the storage of all metadata to urIs on the Web or IPFS and language localization, while supporting the batch transfer of multiple token ID in a single transaction, which will provide global users comprehensive service with large-scale creation, authorization, and query.1/ The PlatoFarm now is the gamma version and has been transformed completely through blockchain technology. We sincerely invite the players who meet the conditions to apply to help optimize and test the game value and economic system 2/ PlatoFarm official will recycle the props produced in the game at a fair market price and welcome everyone to interact with us during this period. Currently, the price of props in the market varies greatly, and kindly note that we have released a relevant guide price earlier.

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