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Plato Farm is an NFT game which supports HRC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols. Players are tasked with growing plants and raising livestock on a small farm to earn MARK and PLATO tokens which can then be used with various NFT items to transform their barren land into a bustling city. Players can also start their own guilds and earn money while playing.

Plato Farm DAO community has approved the proposal for the Super Challenger Activity through voting and according to the DAO proposal, the activity will be officially launched on February 18th. Although the event is forthcoming, how much do you really know about it?


According to the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, knowing yourself as well as your enemies, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. This article will walk you through the activity details so that you can have a more informed understanding of the activity and earn higher rewards!




When does the Super Challenger activity start?


February 18, 2022 (PST)




How much are the total rewards?


1 Million PLATO in the Bounty Pool (All event bonuses are sponsored by the PlatoFarm Marketing pool.)




How to purchase the NFT kits and send them from your wallet?


1. Register a new wallet address and connect it to the Plato Farm official website. Please ensure your wallet address is new and its associated game account is below level 1.

2. Visit “Market” on the official website and choose the NFT kit you plan to buy. There will be four different levels of NFT kits, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

3. You can view the purchased NFT kit “NFT props” in your account.

4. Log in the game, click on the NPC (the boy holding ivory) and send the NFTs from your wallet to the game to start the game.


Please ensure you use the same wallet address to register in PlatoFarm and purchase the NFT kit.




What are the participation rules?


1. Only new addresses and the associated game account is below level 1 in the Plato Farm game are eligible to participate in the activity.

2. Each address can only purchase one NFT kit of the four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

3. Participants must fulfill the upgrade requirement for each challenge within the specified time to win the PLATO token rewards. If participants want to participate in a challenge of a different level, they need to use a new address to register.

4. The Challenge starts immediately when the NFT is transferred to the game. During the campaign period, users can not withdraw NFTs from the game.

5. Participants must use the same wallet address to purchase the NFT kit and to complete the challenge tasks. If the purchased NFT kit is sent to another wallet address, your participation will be disqualified.

6. Participants have to purchase NFT kits from the official auction channel to be eligible for the event participation. NFT kits obtained from non-official channels will not be rewarded with tokens, even if the participants complete the challenge tasks.

7. To ensure the fairness of the competition, users are prohibited from reselling the NFT kits held. We insist that each participant can only buy one NFT kit and each kit bought can only be used for once to receive the token rewards.

8. Participants purchase different levels of NFT prop kits to participate in the corresponding challenge and complete the tasks within the specified time to win token rewards. Users who successfully complete the tasks will receive triple rewards — PLATO token, Medal of Honor, and the game token MARK.

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