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What is Polychain Monsters?
Polychain Monsters aims to create a cross-chain digital collectible and gaming ecosystem with mainstream appeal. At its core, Polychain Monsters offers exquisitely animated NFTs, which can be unpacked from digital booster packs with $PMON on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Each booster pack includes three Polymon with randomly selected traits such as type, color, horn and a glitter effect. Each attribute differs in rarity, which makes some combinations extraordinarily scarce and desirable. The Polymon will play an integral part in multiple on-chain and off-chain games which are currently being developed.

Polychain Monsters are already being traded on secondary marketplaces such as tofuNFT for over $100,000. Additionally, the collection gets constantly expanded by special-edition drops alongside partnerships with projects like ChainLink, Elrond and Polygon.

Next to being an NFT and gaming product, Polychain Monsters borrows well-established features from traditional decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, including Staking and  Farming.

In addition, Polychain Monsters pioneered a unique approach to NFT Staking, enabling collectors to earn weekly financial rewards through their Polymon collections based on the project's booster pack opening rates.

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