Poomania is intended to be a Tamagotchi-meets-Pokémon like experience for its users where they can interact with their unique piles of shit. Yeah, you read that right. The team therefore squeezed out a dApp which allows a user to mint his/her very own and unique Poo with. Once a user minted a Poo, he can help it grow by sending it into battle against other Poos, leading it to gain experience, increase its level and boost its overall strength - all while taking care of it by feeding it once in a while. Because let’s be honest: who didn’t look into the toilet after being done and was proud of his achievement if it was a fucking huge pile. The users play-to-earn reward is the unique Poomania token (POO), which can only be minted during a shit fight and which will serve as an ingame currency. As the game is 100% blockchain driven, each interaction between the user and his/her Poo is a transaction on the Matic Blockchain and visible to everybody. This makes the game unique, as most other blockchain driven projects rely on NFTs (which in most cases simply consist of a link to an off-chain stored image) stored on the blockchain, while all the game logic is executed and stored off-chain - leaving the power of will to the developers. Just imagine what happens if their server shuts down and no longer provides the artwork for their NFTs or the game logic - this can’t happen with the approach Poomania chose. So no shitshow possible. Welcome to the future of the crypto gaming industry. Welcome to decentralized gaming.

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