What is Popop World?
Popop world exists to be the world’s first platform to introduce “play to earn” mini games in the blockchain. In an era where the technologies around the globe are captured into a screen, Popop has shared the spotlight with NFT games to level up the player’s experience and enhance their ways.

“Popman NFT” is accessible to the user through winning or purchasing it by Popop tokens. The Popman NFT is separated into five levels, each of which holds a different value bonus. Popman NFT increases the income of the player; it unlocks more gaming opportunities as well.

Popop does not produce NFT games limited to a genre or age; with the unique interface and versatile designs, the platform is open to all age groups. Each game is fabricated, acknowledging the preference of the player. This calls for zero restriction over earning limit for any age group.
How do you fWorld's First Mini-Games Platform on Blockchaineel about this page?

Popop World’s vision is to explore an evolutionary way of transforming conventional Play-to-Earn GameFi mode, into a global casual game content sharing community platform (SocialFi), where gamers, developers, art creators can participate in self-government and share benefits. play and enjoy ...

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