Project Nebula puts real-time strategy and space exploration into the hands of NFT owners. This generation based collection of playable tokens uses in-game resources, upgrades, research and more to offer a wide array of strategic decision making for players.Valuable NFTs can be collected, used, and traded on the ICON blockchain both on and off the in-game marketplace. The game features high-definition digital artwork, its own musical scores and an intricate array of lore.An equal mix of gameplay and collection.

The Ruined Cradle
Terra, humanity’s once great and wondrous home of origin, now lay completely inhabitable.

A never-ending war, spurred by overpopulation and climate change, erupted in massive, global conflicts. During the final stage of this horrible period, cruel weapons of mass destruction were used — weapons no longer designed just to kill, but to inflict continual suffering for present and future generations. What little was left of humanity on Terra was doomed to vast underground bunker-cities, or left to roam the scorched surface, fighting endlessly over scraps.

All that was left of the Blue Planet was a rotting corpse.

Rise of the United Terran Ascendancy
Emerging from the ashes of a ruined world, the United Terran Ascendancy was formed by a group of roving survivors. They united all of Terra under a single faction, crushing any that dared resist.

The UTA’s mysterious tech allowed them to commence a healing of the planet Terra itself. Over time, the air turned breathable once more, the rays of the Sun reached the planet’s surface, cities were rebuilt, infrastructure was restored. Life began to bloom on Terra as it once had ages ago. As time passed, the UTA constructed their own spaceships and ventured toward the stars, just like their predecessors had done centuries ago.

The united population had but one goal: to protect Terra, the cradle of humanity, and see it grow to unimaginable heights.

A Rift in Unity
The single-minded purpose of the UTA went unchallenged for as long as anyone could remember. When the oncoming galactic Calamity began to threaten the continued existence of Terra, it forced the government’s hand. Most of the population fought relentlessly to remain on the planet they’d fought tooth-and-nail over for generations.

Fleets of government-backed vessels were commissioned and sent through The Gateway to maintain Terra’s strength, regardless of the turmoil wrought on its home world. The Terran Colonial Union was formed and its presence grows predominantly in the Euler’s Hope region of the New Galaxy.

The Terran Colonial Union
Euler’s Hope quickly became the new home of Terra, and the Terran Colonial Union continues to grow throughout the region. The Terrans, known for their staunch patriotism and distraught from leaving Terra, seek to uphold their traditions ten-fold in the New Galaxy.

Yet the single-minded goal of protecting and serving their once great world has changed over time in this new setting. Diplomacy, trade deals and meritocracy have taken over slowly, in a cavity that once held only walls to outside factions and worlds.

The TCU respects and rewards achievements, talent and effort, offering status and power to those that can prove themselves in this shared adventure through The Gateway.

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