First MMO Game on EOS - now on WAX! Real Time Economic Strategy with fully user-generated economy. Prices for in-game goods and services are determined based on supply and demand, making the Prospectors economy equivalent to an economy during the Gold Rush. This virtual reality feels more and more real with every gold ingot you find, every coin you earn, and every new business you build. Plunge into 19th century Gold Rush now! is the first MMORTES on EOS blockchain. All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets, owned by a player, are secured to him in the blockchain. The players interact within the game. Every user receives the right to control three characters (workers) who will act on his behalf. The players can team up in unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. The game currency, Prospectors gold, is the basis for economic relations among players.

Prospectors world is grounded in the real economic model and functions due to the free market laws. Players have access to resources, land, and tools. They pay taxes to the State for land use and commercial activity. These payments fuel the development of Prospectors game world.
Every one of us has life goals. Some goals are small, and others are big and distant. The Prospectors is a multifaceted project that creates the conditions for realizing your life ambitions. And if the real-life throws multiple obstacles on your way, Prospectors reality will let you build the winning strategy and gain what you desire.

Prospectors is the first of a kind economic multiplayer strategy with real economic and trading relations. The game world resembles the XIXth century - the epoch of the initial capital accumulation.

The rumor had gone about the uninhabited Northern lands, rich on gold deposits. News intrigued many people in search of fortune. Caravans of gold miners headed northwards, taking their families and abandoning their shanty homes. Gold dealers, moneylenders, traders, and a whole lot of adventurers followed their way.

But the lands with gold deposits are finite, and not every prospector would be able to stake the lucky plot. Although rocking gravel for gold is not a single way to grow rich. North is the land of endless possibilities: fine woods can be found here, as well as coal and ironstone deposits.

You should also remember that prospectors constantly require tools that tear out and need change; construction materials to improve their craft; assistants - to mine faster and faster. So the temporary settlements develop into small towns with the necessary infrastructure. The workforce is needed nonstop here, so everyone can find a business to his liking - work in mines, on construction, fell timber, or set up manufacturing.

The venture that’s started as the gold rush would soon develop into complex economic relations, where both ordinary workers and an experienced trader could realize their potential.

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