The Pyroblock NFT game is in the Play-To-Earn genre and stake rewards, where  players manage a Treasure Blocks of Egypt Gods. Each Treasure Block is  an NFT which increases ownership as well as trade ability. You can also  buy upgrades to increase stats and the Guild Lands. -In the Alpha stage, treasures will be the key to the stake and Play game puzzle style -In the Beta phase, more functions will be added.

The game will start at Q1 2022. Pyroblock NFT With fully functions at Q2 2022. Our token can be traded on Pancakeswap without Fees.

#Opentest of the game available, it's a good time to buy your tokens!The Game
Our game is simple to understand. Like a puzzle you decide how to connect the Treasure block with others blocks, by class and stats. You need good strategy to make more profits.
Stake Rewards
After the game starts and you stake some PYR tokens, you can stake your rewards to earn even more. PYR token can be staked in our plataform with no costs (only gas fees).
Our team is developing a new game dynamic that will benefit all types of players, from those who only want to check once a month, to active players who like to build strategies to get more profits. You can play whenever you want and you won't lose profit if you don't have access to the game. We are fulfilling the dream of the perfect game on NFT.

Game Alpha Preview

-Come and have fun!

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