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What is Quantic Qube?
Qube, a decentralized BUSD miner built on the Binance Smart Chain network, is set up to passively reward holders in the stablecoin BUSD. When you deposit your BUSD using the dApp you will receive:

Up to 8% Daily ~ 2920% APR in BUSD

8% Referral Bonus

8% Tax

24 Hours Rewards Accumulation Cut-Off

12 Mandatory Compound Feature

80% Contract Fee For Early Withdrawals.

Benefits for Quantic Holders:

Up to 1.7% stacking compound bonus when compounding every 12hrs+ with a max bonus of 20.4% based on number of Quantic tokens held.

Extra Referral Bonuses based on the number of Quantic tokens held.

3% of the tax will be used to buy back Quantic token.

Partnership Bonuses for Projects:

Extra Stacking Compound bonuses for all holders of Partnership token

Extra Referral Bonuses for all holders of Partnership token

100% of Initial Partnership Agreement Cost will go into contract and will remain untouchable.

Partnership Token can use referral bonuses to buyback/market their token


Investor can enable/disable automation at any time

Investor can choose compound intervals between 4 and 24 (suggest to choose 12-24 to receive stacking Quantic/Partnership bonuses)

Automation will follow 6+1 Strategy. Compound for 6 days and claim on 7th day. ALL Automatic.

Automation fee of 1% per compound/claim

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