Quarters is bringing video games back to the players. Why should Mark Zuckerberg define what the metaverse. And doesn't realize that Metaverse is a dystopian future controlled by one evil mega corp?

Join us to take back the future.

Quarters is an interoperable and compliant arcade token on the blockchain. It's a decentralized Roblox. Like Robux, it's a currency that you can use across games. But Quarters can be used with Unity, Unreal, your own engine -- not just the blocky Roblox one. And you have your app on all platfroms.

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Invest in Q2 tokens: https://invest.poq.ggPOQ is offering to sell corporately held Q2 Tokens in a Reg S sale. Q2 tokens enable
investors to participate in the revenue from the sale of Quarters that investors can
collect and track via the blockchain. For more detail on the back-end structure please
refer to the SEC’s No Action relief granted to POQ (see Coindesk). The in-game Quarters
Token enables a singular economy for videogames, content creators and players,
allowing increased customer LTV, compared to the fragmented Free-to-Play
microtransactions. Quarters are used today by 1M+ players with tens of thousands of
Quarters transactions each week, across 14 games including the flagship
tournament platform. The POQ network has 500+ streamers reaching millions.
POQ Highlights
• POQ is founded and run by both tech and game industry veterans with over 100
video game credits.
• POQ works with over 500 video game streamers with a reach into the multi-millions
of followers.
• Quarters have been approved for use in the Apple and Google store and are available
for sale via PayPal and credit cards.
• Our partners include Discord & Klaytn
• hosts the largest online esports tournaments in games like Fortnite, Rocket
League, Minecraft, and dozens more.
• First-ever SEC no-action letter for a blockchain token
• Investors include Tim Draper and Michelle Phan
Problem with Game Currency Fragmentation
Today, players acquire coins, gems and other in-app currencies as they play. These
currencies enable the players to buy skins, in-game items and upgrades, and to earn
rewards within games. Some examples from Fortnite (125M players) , Rocket League1
(40M players) , and Clash of Clan (100M players) are shown below. They all represent2 3
massive, siloed economies.

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