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* No token b/s, 1 ETH == 1000 credits

* Losing color pays winning color

* New round every 4096 blocks [1307 blocks left]

* No fees

A game of tug-of-war with money.

How to play
Head over to the above link with a Web3 enabled browser (metamask etc).
Deposit ether into the contract for credits, 1 ETH == 1000 Credits.
Credits can be withdrawn at any time.
There are no fees to deposit or withdraw credits.
There are 4096 blocks per round, each round one color wins.
Each bet for the winning color claims its share of the losing bets.
After a round is over, if you won, you can claim your winnings.

Why build this
This has been a super fun way to spend some time on the weekends learning solidity and messing with a frontend app. The entire contract is fairly straightforward and does not allow the contract deployer any special privileges. You can review the contract RedVsBlue.sol to see for yourself.

y purchasing this NFT you will get access to the closed beta phase of RedVsBlue | NFT's | VR | Stake & Game on the Blockchain!

you will also receive a bonus of 500 GVT tokens (before presale).

Contract Adrress


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