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What is Reta Wars?
Reta Wars is a simulation game that adds strategic elements to NFT-DeFi. In particular, it aims for a full-fledged Game-Fi that includes all game elements such as role-play, growth, competition, and chance. It does not require busy and fast hand movements like an action game, but it requires thought and wise decisions to effectively control the heroes. The player can establish a long-term strategy, place heroes in the right place, and get rewards based on their performance as a profit.

The most special feature of the ‘Reta War’ is the carefully planned token ecosystem and circulation policy. We have analyzed numerous P2E games and benchmarked the best practices to adopt the dual token system of $RETA and $RWG. Besides, we added our proprietary circulation policy on the top of it. Our long-term goal is to provide players with a steady return, while developing an active reinvestment system to significantly increase the sustainability of P2E games, and to provide long-term value to $RETA holders to remain one of the most successful examples of P2E games. Please check our Token Policy and Play-to-Earn Model for more details.

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