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Blockchain technology, pioneered with Bitcoin, has proved to be the most honest, efficient, and secure global financial system in existence. Ethereum next, introduced decentrelized computing, which laid the foundations for global decentrelized finance and governance for the first time in history.  DeFi is the next evolutionary step of our economy. It is only a matter of time until smart contracts will take over the existing infrastructure.  The Revault protocol is built with the main focus of identifying, analysing and using the best yield optimizing protocols (known as vaults) on any blockchain in order to provide its users the tool they need to navigate the DeFi space as investors. On top of finding the best investment options, the platform will provide hedging tools on top of each position to manage risk such as USD stop-loss or an emergency withdrawal in case of security breach.

Our mission is to become the instrument of the global economic revolution by providing access to the DeFi space for EVERYONE.

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