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What is Reward Hunters Token?
Our Dapp is available to our investors buy BNB using their credit card and swap BNB to $RHT into our webpage.

Our system also allows our investors/players to connect the wallet so that our system recognizes the wallet, identifies the minimum amount of TOKENS to allow access to the game, and recognizes the NFT so that your inventory is released in the game .

Reward Hunters Token is a project that aims to bring Crypto Gaming to life with interactive gameplay and community involvement. Our token rewards holders in BNB reflections that not only prevent unfair trading practices but allow holders to earn passive income as well!

We aim to create an ecosystem with multiple games that will all be based under the RHT Token. The first game, The Battle of Sotiras, will be an NFT Play-to-Earn game where players can battle in a PVP Battle Royale setting to become the champion of the arena! You can bet on yourself or top players in the community to increase your holdings if you are brave, or collect NFT's and sell them in the local market!

Venandi lives in the BSC realm and was overcome with anger when he saw the evils that have overtaken the lands, Backstabbing Rugs, Venomous Honeypots, and Unfair Merchants. And so, he banded together an army of Reward Hunters in order to defeat the evils and redistribute the wealth to the locals, and his journey is only beginning. Venandi needs YOU to join the army of Reward Holders and reclaim the realm before evil triumphs all!

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