ROFI is emitted regularly at the rate of 10 $ROFI per block and allocated to all heroes according to their star ratings and activities.Introduction
The most anticipated game release of 2021 - HeroFi
ROFI is a mobile aRPG game in which players can earn tokens through PvP/PvE battles between Heroes.
Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to anyone. ‌ There is no initial investment barrier in HeroFi. HeroFi is completely free to play, and truly play to earn. The gap between normal games and NFT games is eliminated. ‌HeroFi allows players to collect and trade NFT heroes. Then for the first time, heroes can get married and give birth to a new NFT hero.
This game has "Free To Earn” mechanisms so that users can invest and play or play for free. We will continue to update more information about HeroFi in this article.
​Design Goals
HeroFi is designed with the following principles:
Ownership of in-game assets: Unlike in regular games where the items and currencies are just mere collectibles, players can actually own the assets they get. The game offers features that allow players to craft new items and exchange them for real money. By trading, players can increase the value of their in-game assets.
Value of the item collection: HeroFi encourages the players to explore more content of the game while giving them the motivation to complete their collection of different items and equipment. Players then can build a stronger army to process further in the story and increase their in-game assets.
Social interaction: The PvP mode allows players to compete with each other in fun yet challenging games. This mode motivates players to collect and upgrade their items to build a stronger Hero squad, leading to more victories. Besides, the exchange of in-game assets also creates interactions, just like in a real-life economy.

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