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Role for Metaverse is a seed, a seed account for Metaverse Game.

Inspired by Loot, we believe that the NFT space should also form multiple building blocks like DeFi. In the DeFi space, multiple basic financial protocols can be combined into a complex decentralized financial ecosystem. The subsequent development of the NFT space will also be the same, Role and Loot both will become important "building blocks" to form the future Metaverse.

What is the difference between [Role] and [Loot]?
Ⅰ.Role is the account character, and Loot is the equipment worn by the character.

Ⅱ.Role is created by users, while Loot is officially generated.
With Role, players can choose their own gender, basic attributes (strength/dexterity, etc.), race, and alignment. Occupations (Warrior/Mage/Dragon Knight, etc.) and traits are randomly generated by the contract. Players can create their own stories, interpret the characters according to their traits and occupations.About Role:
0. The mode of this project learned a lot from Dungeons & Dragons (DND).
1. Role has 3 genders, 6 basic attributes, 6 races, 9 alignment, 8 core professions, and 300 seed professions.
2. There are a total of 10,000 Roles, of which 9,800 can be collected for free (Token ID:1-9800), and 200 belong to the development team.
3. Role will charge 3% of the secondary royalties. Loot opened the era of NFT building blocks. As a gesture of respect and support, one third of Role’s revenue will be used to collect floor price Loot.
4. In the future, there will be many NFT game projects using the underlying contract of Role. It has been determined that the Kungfu Hero on-chain NFT game will adopt Role's account system in the future. We look forward to cooperating with more projects and building Metaverse together.

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