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10,000 Rookies are ready to be drafted on Ethereum! Rest assured, the Rookie's League made player scorecards to help you recruit.  The original Rookie League smart contract was created by Zapper co-founders Seb Audet and Suhail Gangji along with Zapper developer agememnon.eth as “a small weekend project.” The Rookie's League smart contract was deployed on September 6, 2021, and sold out a few hours after deployment.Rookie's League NFT’s have limitless applications for both business and entertainment purposes. A small sample of the potential use-cases Rookie League NFT’s are powered by GAME, the native token on the GAME Credits platform. GAME is an ERC-20 token and GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, launched back in February of 2014. Thus, it’s rather fitting that Rookie League and GAME work hand in hand as both are trail blazers.The GAME Credits platform is a suite of NFT tools and services that Rookie's League will be making use of in the future. The platform features an NFT minting tool, exchange along with a NFT Rewards portal where users can earn both GAME and unique NFT’s.As various apps that utilize Rookie League are built on the Ethereum and Polygon network, GAME will be able to power them as the GAME token exists on both blockchains. Whether you are using your Rookie's League NFT in a play to earn game, collecting the prize pool from a basketball tournament victory or grabbing some sick rewards in your fantasy league, the GAME token will be the currency of choice for Rookie League owners.

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