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What is Ryker BNB 7 in 1 Miner?

The first ever 7 in 1 Miner Style Project launching this 22nd of July, 2pm UTC!

Binance Smart Chain(BNB)

Advanced Miner - Earn an average of 3% daily.

Fixed Yield Daily Income - fixed 1% daily income for every investor.

Late Investor Income - latest investors will have a fair share of BNB from the our late investor pool!

Miner Betting - Try your luck and Bet your miners in your flip coin feature! 5% of the miner pool will be burned and taken out of circulation!

Lottery - Runs every 8 hours, each compound/deposit will earn user tickets for a chance to win miners as rewards!

Daily Top Referrer - 0.5% of the total investments per day will be converted to miners and be given to our top 5 top referrers!

Referral Income - Earn 5% for each referral which will be split into the referrer(2.5%) and referee(2.5)

Other Notable Features:

Automatic Anti-bot: Users that will interact with the contract more than 2 times before launch will be blacklisted.

Auto-Compound: Minimum of 0.25 Deposit, users will be able to use the auto-compound feature and relax and watch their investments grow everyday.

Over-Income Tax: For everyone to have a fair share of income, the contract has an over-income tax that will be applied when the user has reached a certain ROI %.

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