Saconi Holmovimiento Generative art enables artists to express themselves in ways not possible through regular art. Our mission is to challenge the boundaries of generative art. The combinations of colors, shapes, movements are endless and we are here to explore them.

Our artworks will be posted on the Ethereum blockchain. Using the ERC 721 token standard, the authenticity of each artwork can be verified on the blockchain.

Our collections can only be minted on our website.

Our second, but equally important mission is giving away to those less fortunate. Although the world has advanced so much in terms of technology and wealth, many people still don’t have access to the essential resources needed for a normal life, such as clean water and proper education.

Saconi Holmovimiento - With each successful collection, Saconi Generative will donate $15,000 to a worthy cause.

Saconi Generative is a generative art collective stored permanently on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) standards. The NFT generative art community is currently only focused on Art Blocks and a handful of other similar projects. We are here to change that.

Our mission is to provide value to both investors and artists. For investors, we offer many passive income opportunities through just holding and staking our collectibles. Saconi Generative is also focused on bringing talented new artists to the NFT art community.

The aim of this whitepaper is to explain all policies and the logic behind the royalties and free minting system. To support our explanations, data-backed by mathematical simulations and graphical representations is used.

Utility overview

Our value proposition stems from two main sources. Firstly, a significant part of second market royalties will be shared with our holders. This includes royalties from Holmovimiento and all other upcoming collections as well. Secondly, owners are entitled to free minting for all our standard upcoming collections. The key to unlocking our utility is holding at least one Holmovimiento collectible.

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