Join the Samot Club and experience a world of amazing art, culture, and community unlike anything in the NFT art space. This collection consisting of 8,888 unique pieces grants its holder access to members-only benefits, ranging from admission to our exclusive parties and art events to priority access to future collections curated by our experts.Samot Club is the interdisciplinary collective that extends well beyond the binary limits of the digital realm. We are a motley crue of artists, engineers, designers, developers, architects and economists who share the dream of a club made for the people, by the people.
In a fragmented society, filled with niche audiences, Samot Club leverages it's great variety of talents with the endless possibilities web3 and Blockchain have proved to bring communities worldwide, generating network externalities everywhere we put our eyes on.
We coordinate the search, curation, deployment and promotion of the best commercial ideas imbued by Samot's Latin American art through the digital markets.
The backbone of the project is the Club's main collection: 8888 unique pieces under Ethereum's ERC 721 NFT standard: the Samots. Drawn and designed by Samot himself, each piece is algorithmically generated and possesses a singular statistical rarity.
To own a Samot NFT is to own a pass into the Club's ecosystem:

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