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What is Samurai Legends?
Samurai Legends is a play-and-earn grand strategy role-playing metaverse set in feudal Japan.

In a single massive multiplayer world, players fight PvP battles, build, strategize and engage in politics furthering their position and influence in the game world. With DeFi protocols and blockchain technology, ultimately the players will have control over the social, economical, political and military utility that constitute the game world.

Land and Unit NFTs

• Permanently ownable and playable game assets • Lands generate resources to create or mint new game assets, such as items or units • Units form warbands to roam and fight PvP & PvE, earning $KOKU • Lands and high-tier units can be lent out to scholars for a bounty, earning passive income

Samurai Legends' Vision

At the onset, players will populate a single game world. Plots of land, as well as characters can be owned and used throughout to tap into the various opportunities that the world offers. The experience resembles that of typical MMORPGs and includes exploration, quests, character development, battles and clans, but there is real monetary value to be gained and decentralization offers non-scripted opportunities that go beyond a typical game.

With DAO based clans and elections for political entities, a role-playing metaverse is established where players decide on the outcome.

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