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What is SHIBA Miner? What happens when my barrel becomes full? Can I take my initial deposit back? How long do the miners work for? How much are the fees? How does referring work?

SHIBA Miner is a decentralized application built on the Binance Smart Chain that pays you at least 3% daily on your SHIBA deposit into the SHIBA Miner contract. The daily percentage ROI depends on several factors.

Your miners will stop working for you until you compound (hire more miners) or claim (pocket) your SHIBA divs. This is a way to keep people engaged.

Once you deposit, you can't take it back. You can only earn it back slowly over time by pocketing your SHIBA divs.

The miners will work for you indefinitely as long as the contract is filled with funds. They can not be sold or exchanged.

On every deposit, 2,5% goes to the team wallet for further development and 2,5% goes into the marketing wallet to grow the platform and the Miner Apes brand.

Once you connect your wallet to the site, you will see your referral link on the bottom of the page. People that deposit under your link are referred by you, earning you 10% of their deposit value. So bring in your friends and buddies!

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