Smart Town This is the world's first 3D shooter, created using blockchain technology. It works in the browser on a computer and from a mobile phone (MathWallet). The gameplay is very simple and straightforward. To play, you need to appear on the field (Spawn). It costs 1 TRX. To move you need to click on the arrows near the player. The cost of one step - 0.1 TRX. To attack you need to come close to the enemy and click on the arrow (a gun will appear near the arrow). Attack cost - 0.5 TRX. If the player succeeds in attacking the enemy, he disappears from the field, and the player receives half of the prize pool.

Apart from the architectural differences, Crypto games have an edge over regular games.You will find in-game purchases & currency in popular titles like PUBG(L-COIN), Farmville (Farm Coins), Call Of Duty (CP), etc. All these games require a buy-in via fiat.In regular games the tokens or assets acquired by the buyer are limited to the games ecosystem, are not transferable, and cannot be exchanged back to fiat.
In the case of crypto games, Assets & tokens are tradeable, they can be converted to cryptocurrency and exchanged for fiat.So a player is not tied to a particular game or ecosystem and can withdraw & reinvest his as he pleases.Also, recognition, adoption & usability of blockchain & cryptocurrencies are growing daily, which can help generate earning for players.

What are hybrid Crypto games?
Crypto or Blockchain games are the future of gaming. The power of blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts & crypto assets are being utilized by more people every day.

Hybrid crypto games integrate a blockchain wallet into a full-fledged game. Being a Hybrid allows games to expand to multiple platforms without any extensions or support apps. It avoids high transaction fees to users like mainstream blockchain games and is highly scalable. Development process & architecture of hybrid games allow for full feature game-play and high-quality graphic elements with room for player incentivization.

We see a substantial rise in the number of Crypto games on the TRON blockchain.

It’s not a surprise, the hybrid crypto games are performing way better than Dapps.

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