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Snail Trails is a is a multiplayer game with its own economy whereby players can earn money by training, breeding, selling and racing snails. This first part of the game we don’t consider gambling as each snail has the ability to earn its owner an income. It’s up to the individual to find the snails hidden attributes through racing. For those players who just want to gamble there is a totalizer (Tote) taking win & place bets with live dividends for all races. Each snail’s ability in races is based on their attributes. Finding out your snails’ favorite lane for instance will result in a better race score, thus giving it a better chance to be the winner. Snails have 7 attributes plus a small amount of X Factor. When totaled the snail is given a total race score and a final finishing position. Snails are also graded based on their highest race score achieved so races will always be competitive when snails are racing against their own caliber. Also we have special events whereby advertisers sponsor multiple races throughout the week adding extra cash to the prize pools to share. And finally all players can own a piece of Snail Trails by passively mining SHELLS to which daily dividends are distributed.

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