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What is SpaceCraftX?
What is SpaceCraftX

A thoughtless ten-year squandering… and here we are.

There is a devastating lack of resources! Now human survival and the development of Earth civilization depends on the alternative sources of energy and the resources found outside our planet. Only the bravest earthlings dare to choose the path of space craftsmen.

Space craftsmen spend their days far from their home planet, taking part in long-lasting dangerous journeys — in search of new powerful reserves and energy sources. This work is difficult and dangerous. So only dashing and inventive players will imprint their names in history, reach their fame and recognition. Others will get an opportunity to enrich themselves instead. This is fine by many.

At the first stage of their journey a space craftsman has an opportunity to extract three space elements which are highly valued by earthlings. These are the 🔹Waves — space waves from which energy is synthesized; the 🔹 Cosmic Dust and the 🔹Dark Matter which are used to produce and repair tools.

Space CraftX is a space NFT game with a perfect economic model, an interesting plot and a possibility to exchange game tokens for cryptocurrency. Extract a variety of space resources, build up your own mining plants and feel like a real space creator in the Space CraftX game.

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