What is SpaceY 2025?
SpaceY 2025 is the world's first 'play-to-earn' blockchain-based triple-A tower defense game with NFTs. The 3D sandbox game offers an open and rich gameplay experience as well as numerous opportunities for players to earn money while playing. Space Y 2025's story is about building and defending a human settlement on Mars. Players can trade NFT-based Martian goods - such as land, buildings, towers and more - with other players or sell them to the players in the SpaceY 2025 marketplace. As the game progresses, players can not only help make humans a multiplanetary species, but also contribute to space exploration and unravel the mysteries of our universe.Welcome to SpaceY! SpaceY 2025 takes place in an alternate universe where players build, upgrade, and defend against alien invaders. This guide will walk you through setting up your digital wallet, buying SPAY, and launching the game. Getting Started with Blockchain Games

Launching the game
Now that you have your blockchain wallet you can go ahead and click on the Launch button on the home page of ​

After clicking on the launch button you will be directed to the interface

The next step is to login by clicking on the Space Pilot Icon in the upper right corner of the interface. You will be greeted with two ways to login using either your MetaMask or Fortmatic

Choose the wallet you would like to connect with and then you will be met with:

After signing you will see the Frontline button light up and by clicking on the Space Pilot again you will get your player information:

Now you are about ready for deployment. Click on the Frontline button located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Once you click this you enter the tower defense fight!

Contract Adrress


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