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SportsDapp is the Sports Fantasy app on blockchain where users can predict & strategise about the upcoming match events. Check out our beta version, with all you ever wanted in your phones! 1. Your Game Your Rules: You can post the questions and decide the rewards to the winners 2. Transparent Verifiable rewards: Fair chance to win with blockchain powered distribution of funds 3. Easy to Choose: MCQ based questions that also feed the live trends of the participation allowing you to choose between Risk & Gain SportsDapp Its 3 simple steps to play: Step 1: Choose the match You can play upcoming as well as live matches. Click on the match you want to play. Step 2: Choose Question you know Click on any question to answer them. Both general & user created questions exist. The participation fee for questions vary & therefore the rewards. You can also create your own custom question by clicking on bottom right plus button. Step 3: Strategise & Answer Choose the best possible option you think of. You can also check the live scenarios of which option is voted most. The more the option is voted the lesser reward it holds if it is and enjoy the game

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