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What is Spring Rolls Kitchen?
Hello fellow hungry traveler!

You have discovered a Spring Rolls Kitchen! Using magic & web3 technology we have created an endless fountain of youth and riches! Form your team of chefs to create the biggest Spring Rolls Kitchen in the known universe! How does this work? You invest BNB to get Spring Rolls. They generate you income.

The more Spring Rolls you acquire the more hungry customers you can feed in your kitchen generating you passive income! What is the daily percentage? It really depends on how much you decide to compound your Spring Rolls we have a system in place that lowers income if someone decides to eat all the Spring Rolls themselves! Meaning if you don't compound your interest more often than you claim, you will start getting lower percentage returns until it hits 0.5% per day. The best strategy is 6 days Re-invest 1 day Claim rewards!

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