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StarWarsCat GameFi is a brand-new NFT economic model Gamefi, which is composed of interstellar meta-universe through cultivation, reproduction, interstellar adventure PVE, and PVP. SWCAT is the native token of Star Wars Cat. You can use StarWarsCat tokens to redeem blind box NFT characters in Star Wars Cat Gamefi, challenge planet monsters to defeat BOSS and get SWCAT token rewards.NFT's Chinese name is Non-Homogenized Token. The most famous event is the successful trading
of digital artwork NFT worth $69 million which has since created, made the rise of the concept of
NFT. Star Wars Cat as an NFT product means each cat is unique (refer to crypto cats), and each
series of cats are produced by the artist and the team in collaboration. When it has a collectible
value, you can also feed the cat to grow. After its growth, the cat turns into another form.
Moreover, each cat can join in the cat metaverse game to participate in the farm mining,
entertainment, and communication. In the cat metaverse, players can play various entertainment
games from adopting kittens to nurturing adults, and some games require cats to be raised to
adulthood before they can participate.
In the selection of public chains, Star Wars Cat will first consider the public chains with the most
users and perfect communities, such as Ethereum, BSC, SOL, Polygon and so on.
At a later stage, multiple chains will be deployed to give users more choicesStar Wars Cat is an NFT concept development and RPG game that uses the underlying blockchain
to design the assets on the Star Wars Cat chain to collect, produce, exchange, grow, team, breed,
and play, thereby realize the concept of anonymous interaction in the community and trust in the
cat meta universe on the blockchain. The distributed network realized by blockchain technology
allows people to conduct peer-to-peer transactions. People can exchange and communicate
without using third-party authenticatio

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