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What is Strudel DAO?

Strudel DAO built the first one-way, trustless bridging protocol linking Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and future assets to DeFi. Through use of Strudel’s secure protocol, bridging, liquidity mining, multi-chain support (Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC), and index fund options are available, with plans to incorporate lending and collateralization options in the near future.

One of Strudel’s main value propositions is its 100% trustless bridges which eliminates the need for custodial control of assets seen in typical wrappers. Vitalik Buterin and Stephen Tse of Harmony have both touched on the importance of trustless bridges in the past.


Strudel DAO recently launched Orkan on Fantom. Orkan will act as a meta-governance protocol over liquidity flow within the Fantom ecosystem. Orkan should utilize perpetual bond issuance to acquire governance tokens from those projects on Fantom employing liquidity gauges and locking mechanisms as exchange incentives.

One aspect where Orkan differs from standard ohm-forks is emphasis on bitcoin accumulation. Controlling the supply of vBTC (Strudel Bitcoin) through bonds. vBTC (Strudel Bitcoin) is pegged 1:1 with BTC. The eventual goal would be a perpetual peg, giving rewards token holders when overpegged.

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