Plant, Craft, Chop, Mine, Fight & Earn at Sunflower Farmers How to earn tokens? Crowd-sourced Crafting Rewards for Hodlers Resources VISION OF SUNFLOWER FARMERS

Open source, no pre-sale and no premine.

The game has a built-in supply & demand mechanism that rewards farmers who are early to the game and drive scarcity. With no ICO or premine the only way to earn tokens is to farm crops or purchase on an exchange.

Craft ERC20 tools to gather resources and other ERC20 materials. Are you a collector? You can also craft a range of NFT decorations and collectables using resources you have gathered.

Earn distributed rewards every 3 days just by holding the token and supporting the game.

Using your minted tools you can gather a range of resources to help you build your farm and craft new recipes. Chop, Mine, Fish, Fight, Build and more!

Our goal is to become the #1 multi-token economy in the metaverse where players can freely create, trade and grow their farms.

No presale or over-promising bullshit. The team has a track record of delivering features that matter.

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