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In Super Hero, players will choose a class to start their exciting journey in the Forsaken town. Challenges are everywhere, from gigantic granite golems standing in the field, poisonous spiders crawling on the trees, to many more unknown creatures hidden in the mystic dungeons. To overcome all these dangers, players can farm all kinds of precious loot to arm themselves and even acquire mounts!

What Is Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)?
Superhero NFT Wars (SNW) is a social and smash combat metaverse based on the DND (Dungeons and Dragons) background setting, allowing almost all high-valued but independent NFT communities to join together on this SNW platform with uniform standards.


Who Are the Founders of SNW?
By gradually expanding the partner networks, core team members of “Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)” are all web3.0 geeks, professional GameFi designers, traditional gaming and GameFi enthusiasts and Blockchain dedicators with a diverse background from Binance, Tencent,, Google, and Timi Studio Group (Developed Honor of Kings ) and others.

The team has set an entrepreneurial record for blockchain games, attracting more than 1 million daily active users within 3 months of launch. This time with "SNW" the team is aiming much higher by launching the fully community-driven game to be the pioneer in its own space.

How Is the $SNGold Secured?
$SNGold aims to deliver maximum transparency using tools such as real-time auditing of TUSD’s backing and reliability, transparent access to the smart contract, and readable liquidity pool reserves.

Beyond trusting the validity of its USD peg, any security issues related to those which affect all standard tokens.

Where Can You Buy $SNGold?
$SNGold is currently undergoing the airdrop campaign held by SNW officials, and soon, will be available through IDO in its liquidity pools, for instance, $SNGold-USDC Copper Launch Swap Pool, and so.

What Makes $SNGold Unique?
Superhero NFT Wars (SNW) is an epoch-making social and smash combat metaverse ONLY one-stop infrastructure on market! Founding on top of the Dungeons and Dragons background settings, we aim to realize an industrial-level social, competition, and collaboration infrastructure for ALL live and famous IPs joining this endless exploration with great NFT trophies and $SNGold monetary output in return for a contribution to SocialFi and Metaverse Aggregator Co-construction, Co-creation, and Co-governance.

$SNGold, in the meantime, as the auxiliary tokens are mainly used for daily consumption of Hero-NFTs and measurement of PVE output for players to liquidiify and Play-to-earn, which is empowered with multiple usability environments to make its price positively correlated with the activeness and quantity of the platform users, to be of great potential in bringing profits for all coming players, investors and SNW exalted partner circles. We are going to have its grandly blockbuster IDO opening on Copper Launch to further multiply its valuation

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